Griffin Accelerator

First day at the new building (Supposed to be)

NICTA Canberra
NICTA Canberra
Yesterday, 19 October 2014, marked the last day we use NICTAas our basecamp of Griffin Accelerator after we (5 teams, including Symberra) had been in the three months mentoring and been incubated in the first Griffin Accelerator program at NICTA Canberra. And today is supposed to be the first day at the new building at 1 Moore St, Canberra. However, due to the cold and runny nose which I’ve been having since a couple weeks ago, I decided not to go there.

It’s probably right that I have to take some medicines even though having cold is like monthly bill for me. And after take some rest, I used to be fine. Unfortunately, this one is a bit different I guess. An advice from my wife was to have regular exercise as I used to have one.

Anyway, lesson learned. Keep your body fit by doing regular exercise, eat healthy meals and some fruits. So you won’t miss some important events in your life.

P.S. Today is also the first day for Joko Widodo as Indonesia President, good luck pak.