MeteorJS App: Yaumiyyah (Part 1)

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As I posted before about One in Two Weeks MeteorJS App, I started to find out what application I want to develop first. And to start with, I decided to create a tracking app for everyday deeds, which will be called “Yaumiyyah“, an arabic term for daily.

This application will have several functions,

  • First, it will list everyday deeds whether it is compulsory (wajib) or additional (sunnah) or even custom deeds that you want to add for developing new habits. If I have to depict it, It will mostly look alike to do list.
  • Each deed will have information about what it is, based on valid references, whether it is from Qur’an or Hadits.
  • Each deed will be tracked as you lodge the time when you did or you didn’t do it.
  • Based on the point mentioned above, this app will show the timeline of the deeds you have done, delayed or missed. Which then you can plot it into a graph.
  • You can then compare your everyday deeds’ quality with the one you did a day before. Based on this hopefully you can improve the quality of your deeds for tomorrow.
  • This idea is coming from the daily activities that people do. By not limiting to what Muslims usually do everyday, I wish this app will also help people to track other thing they want to develop as a good habit.

Finally it comes to the development stage. As in the previous post, I keen to finish it in two weeks time. So, hopefully I can do this.


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